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Could the New Vauxhall Vivaro be the Right Choice for Your Business?

vivaro leaseIf you’re looking for a medium-sized van which combines practicality with performance, the latest Vauxhall Vivaro may be exactly what you need. Built in Luton and designed in France by Renault, the new Vivaro is the most recent fruit of this longstanding partnership. Since the van’s release in summer 2014 the body design has been a big hit with reviewers, and is given a contemporary look by the same ‘blade’ feature as seen in Vauxhall cars. Indeed, the philosophy of the new Vivaro is to marry the comfort and design flair of a passenger car with the utility of a commercial vehicle.

The Range

Models available in the range offer a choice of roof heights and long or short wheelbases. Body styles include panel van, platform cab, a double cab van with an additional row of seating, and a 9-seater Combi minibus. Opt for the Sportive model and get a number of premium features such as LED daytime running lamps and metallic paint.

vauxhall lease

The Cab

The new Vivaro provides 116mm more cabin length for driver and passenger than the older model, and has a comfortably high driving position. When not in use, the middle of the 3 seats folds down and can be used either as a desk or a place to store a laptop. The only negative is the position of the dashboard cup holders, which can allow steam from hot drinks to fog the window.


The design team behind the Vivaro wanted the experience of driving a van to be as comfortable as driving a car. Reviews suggest they have succeeded. Although a 1.6 litre engine sounds small for a van, it provides good performance and fuel economy. The CDTi 115 engine gives 300Nm at 1,500 rpm: enough torque to transport substantial loads.

Load Space

vivaro leaseBy popular demand, the cube-shaped dimensions of the old Vivaro have been kept. An extra 100mm of load length over the old model gives users of the new Vivaro an increased load volume. In the short wheelbase model, the maximum load length is 2,537 mm, but a ‘load-through’ bulkhead potentially extends this to 3,750 mm once the passenger seat has been folded.

Since its release the new Vauxhall Vivaro has been highly rated in reviews, and successfully combines style with substance. All models offer improvements in cab and load space, which bring new standards of comfort and practicality to the world of light commercial vehicles. Performance is good, with a range of 1.6 litre CDTi engines to suit most requirements. If you think the new Vivaro might be the right van for your business, contact CVC today.

And, with prices starting from £163.72 per month, what’s not to love? Call 01424 863 456 or visit http://bit.ly/VivaroLWB to find out how you can be behind the wheel today!

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Need to Lease a Smaller Van? Check out the Citroen Berlingo

berlingo leaseSometimes a small van is all you need. Citroen have been in the small van market for decades, and the Citroen Berlingo has remained popular since 1996. Let’s take a look at what this van has to offer.

A Little Van with a Lot of Power

Available in short and long wheelbase models, the Berlingo’s small frame carries a lot of weight. That’s up to 750kg for the long wheelbase diesel, and likely all you’ll need if you’re a small business.

A Van That Drives like a Car

The Citroen Berlingo has surprised a lot of reviewers with its dynamic driveability, with some saying they forgot they weren’t zipping around town in a car. On the open road, the
Berlingo steers, corners, and responds with an agility that will surprise any van driver.

berlingo leaseEconomical but Zippy

Why spend money when you don’t need to? A petrol engine is available, but most Berlingo drivers opt for the economy of the 1.6 litre, single cam, turbocharged diesel engine. While an output of 215Nm may not sound like much, the van moves surprisingly fast. The manual gearbox is mounted near the top of the centre console to encourage driver engagement. In terms of fuel economy, you’ll average 5.8 litres per 100kms around town, but expect even better results on the open road.

Versatility in the Back

You can easily store two pallets in your Berlingo, with access through wide opening rear doors. The load floor sits low enough to maximise space and make loading easy. To protect your goods, the cargo space is clad with rubber that comes halfway up the walls. A grille separates you from your cargo to ensure you’re safe too. Alternatively, the Berlingo makes a great vehicle for disabled passengers, as it’s the perfect size and easy to customise for wheelchair use.

Comfort in the Front

berlingo leaseThe French love their storage compartments and the Berlingo is no exception. With lidded bins in the dash, two large overhead bins, and further storage spaces in the doors, you’ll probably run out of items before you run out of things to put them in. Steering is rake/reach adjustable, while air-conditioning and cruise control maximise comfort. Bluetooth, a trip computer, and airbags offer a practical touch.

Leasing Your Berlingo

You’re better off leasing than buying your Berlingo. With numerous leasing options available, and rental, insurance, and maintenance combined in your monthly payments, leasing takes the hassle out of buying a Berlingo outright. Given that the Berlingo range goes from strength to strength, you can always hand in your Berlingo at the end of your lease and opt for a newer one.

For information on leasing a Citroen Berlingo, contact Commercial Vehicle Contracts today.

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Ford Transit Leasing: Finding the Right Van for Your Business

Stand in any urban environment for a couple of minutes and you’re likely to see a Ford
Transit roaming the streets. This van has become so popular that its name is practically
synonymous with light commercial vehicles in general. With the range and versatility of these vans, it’s little wonder that so many businesses opt for Ford Transit leasing, but with such a range on offer how can you find the right option for your business needs?
Here’s a quick guide to help you out.

Ford van leasing


How many passengers will need to travel in your van? If it’s only likely to be one or two
people, then a normal cab will suffice. However, if you need to transport several people and their tools and equipment, you need to look at the double cab-in-van option.
The double cab-in-van can accommodate up to six people, including the driver, with a second row of factory fitted seats, which can be accessed via a glazed side load door.


The length of the wheelbase will help to determine the load your van can carry. There are
four options on offer: short, medium, long and jumbo. If you’re likely to be carrying small
loads and negotiating busy urban streets, then a short wheelbase will be the perfect fit.
The medium wheelbase is a tough, reliable, vehicle, while the long is perfect for heavy-duty use and an excellent option for towing. If you’re more likely to be transporting large loads to retail parks or industrial estates, then the jumbo wheelbase has a vast capacity.

Roof Types

The height of your van will also determine the capacity you have available. There are three options: low, medium and high. If you’re likely to be transporting retail goods or using the vehicle for moving furniture, then the higher the better.

Ford van leasing

Once you’ve worked out which combination of bodystyle fits best for your business, you can turn your attention to the models on offer. The standard Transit is the most affordable model on offer, but it still has plenty to offer with a new Duratorq engine and a number of new technologies. The Trend has the same impressive specifications as the Transit, but offers more features as standard including cruise control, a trip computer, automatic headlights and rain-sensing front headlights.

The Limited van offers the highest level of functionality, efficiency and comfort, while the
Sport is the flagship of the range, with sporty looks and an advanced Duratorq engine.
Finally, for the environmentally conscious, the Transit with ECOnetic technology is the most efficient Transit ever built with reduced emissions and improved fuel economy.

If you want to learn more about Ford Transit leasing, contact Commercial Vehicle Contracts today.

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Why Citroen Van Leasing Should Be On Your Radar

You’ve been looking into van leasing for a while, and now it’s time to take the next step; deciding on a vehicle. With Citroen, you are guaranteed innovative technology, class-leading functionality and great value. Whether you’re looking for a short wheel base Berlingo, or an extra long wheel base Relay, Citroen offer something for everyone.



Small van, big impressions. This compact van is perfect for those needing to transport goods around a busy city, thanks to the asymmetric rear swing doors, low load sill and large sliding side doors. The fuel economy figures have beaten records, coming in at just 10citroen-nemo-silver9g/km of CO2 emissions and 60mpg. With three trim levels to choose from, from the basic X model, to the top of the range Enterprise model, you can be sure there’s a specification to suit you.


Since the latest model hit the UK market back in 2008, the Berlingo has consistently been a favourite among both sole traders and large fleet managers, due to its impressive versatility and economy rates. If you’re looking for a well equipped and reliable small van to do the job, look no further than the Enterprise model. Fitted with a sateCITROEN-BERLINGO-ENTERPRISEllite navigation system, Bluetooth, rear parking sensors, and air conditioning, this model is designed with practicality in mind. The Berlingo range is comprehensive, featuring two body lengths with 3.7cu.m and 4.1cu.m loading space respectively, as well as the option of a crew cab or platform body, making a solid base for bodywork. The Euro 5 engines mean that the most efficient Berlingo van can reach 62.8mpg, and CO2 emissions are as low as 118g/km!


Citroen’s medium size offering is often praised for its striking resemblance to a car in terms of handling and drivability. The dynamic styling and functional use of space combine to create a van that is revered by many. The Dispatch cab has plenty of clever storage spaces, including a deep passenger side bin and large glovebox, as well as door pockets for the bits and bobs that accompany you on your travels. Available in two heights and two lengths, and boasting up to 7 c4mainubic metres of loading space, it’s easy to see why the Citroen Dispatch appeals to businesses up and down the nation. The fuel efficiency rates are among the top in the class, with CO2 emissions starting from just 168g/km and returning 42.2mpg.


The largest van in Citroens commercial vehicle range, the Relay showcases the quality and reliability associated with Citroen, and more. There are four lengths and three heights to choose from, with a minimum loading volume of 8 cubic metres, all the way up to 17 cubic metres – so you can select the van that’s right for you and youcitroen-relay-silverr business. With ease of loading at the forefront of the design, the rear swing doors can be specified to open up to 270 degrees. Extras such as the Intelligent Traction Control with Hill Descent Control provide optimum traction in difficult weather conditions. The Relay is engineered to take on and conquer any challenge thrown its way.

Check out our Citroen Van Leasing deals here, or call 01424 863 456 to talk to one of our expert advisers today!

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Top Ten Reliable Vans

Within the van leasing industry, vehicle reliability is a top trait in determining which vans will make up your fleet, and with good reason. The last thing any fleet manager wants is the hassle of van downtime. Accidents and breakdowns, resulting in your vehicle being off the road, cost your company a lot of time, money, and energy – both directly and indirectly. So it makes sense to run vans that run well.

Fleet LeasingThe annual FN50 vans reliability survey uses responses from over 180,000 commercial vehicles, and analyses the UK’s largest van hire and van leasing organisations, in order to determine which vans, and which manufacturers, are most reliable.

Ford has secured top spots in both the manufacturer and model lists with the Ford Transit – a new model of which went on sale in summer 2014.

At second place in the vehicle survey, the medium size Volkswagen Transporter climbed two places from last year’s survey. Volkswagen also earned second place within the manufacturers, drawing a parallel with the 2013 survey results.

Ford come in again at number three, with the smaller Transit Connect retaining its spot in the top ten. The Mercedes-Benz Vito, awaiting the arrival of a new model in Spring 2015, achieved fourth position.

The Volkswagen Caddy prevails in fifth place, and the award-winning Citroen Berlingo makes an appearance in the list at number six.

The 2014 model Vauxhall Vivaro drops a ranking down to eighth place, to make room for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, which has been knocked down from the number two spot last year.

For the first time since its launch in 2013, the Ford Transit Custom sees a place in the top ten, while the Toyota Hilux finishes the list with a pick-up truck.

From last year, the top half of the manufacturer top ten sees no changes. With Ford and Volkswagen leading the table, followed by Mercedes-Benz and Vauxhall, it’s at fifth place we start to see a difference. Citroen make a substantial jump to fifth position from eighth, while Peugeot and Nissan hold their 2013 places at sixth and seventh.

Renault fall three places down to eighth place in the last 12 months, and Toyota makes a brand new entry at number nine. Rounding up the final place in the manufacturer reliability top ten is Mitsubishi.

Rankings – Vehicle

  1. Ford Transit
  2. Volkswagen Transporter
  3. Ford Transit Connect
  4. Mercedes-Benz Vito
  5. Volkswagen Caddy
  6. Citroen Berlingo
  7. Vauxhall Vivaro
  8. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
  9. Ford Transit Custom
  10. Toyota Hilux

Why not check out our deals on all ten vehicles here?

Rankings – Manufacturer

  1. Ford
  2. Volkswagen
  3. Mercedes-Benz
  4. Vauxhall
  5. Citroen
  6. Peugeot
  7. Nissan
  8. Renault
  9. Toyota
  10. Mitsubishi


01424 863 456 to talk to one of our expert advisers on which deal is most suited to you.


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Why Britain Loves the Vauxhall Vivaro

van leasing

The best of British is in full force with Vauxhall Vivaro leasing, and Commercial Vehicle Contracts prides itself in offering the cheapest lease in the UK for this British-built range. It’s no wonder, as the Vauxhall Vivaro offers a lot to be proud about too.

Fuel Efficiency

The Vivaro range is powered by a 1.6 litre CDTI diesel engine. While diesel already speaks of economy, this doesn’t come at the expense of power, with an output of 89 or 113 bhp depending on what you’re after. The 118 bhp biTurbo van ups the ante even further. For true fuel economy, there’s the option of the Eco-mode. While this translates to reduced torque, less power, and slower throttle response, it can be set as default if you’re a fleet manager who is serious about fuel economy.

Load Space

van leasing

Vivaro keeps it simple but clever with a load space that does its best to mimic a rectangle. This makes it easier to install racking. Intelligently, the latest Vivaro range has left this unchanged, while increasing load length by 100 mm.

You can extend existing load space with a ‘load through’ bulkhead. This allows you to lift a flap at the base of the bulkhead, flip up the front passenger seat, and load long items such as pipes or timber. The bulkhead is designed in steel, and 20 load-lashing eyes will keep your cargo secure.

As well as side doors, the rear doors are asymmetrically divided. This, combined with the placement of the licence plate on the independently lockable left-hand door, allows you to legally have items poking out of the right hand door.

van leasing

Safety and Security

Vauxhall’s reputation for safety is impressive, and the Vivaro range is typically durable. ESP stability control is fitted as standard across the Vivaro range, offering traction control, load adaptive control and rollover mitigation. You can even fit a trailer and adjust your stability settings to suit.

A driver airbag is also standard, as are rear parking sensors, plus you can opt for a reversing camera. If you’re concerned about cargo security, all Vivaros are fitted with deadlocks, and you can choose an engine immobiliser and smart keyless entry.

Inside the Cab

With design handled by Renault, there are certainly some stylish touches for the interior. There’s also impressive legroom for drivers and passengers. The doors offer deep storage bins, and the dash has areas for keeping pens and paperwork together. The middle seat also converts into a nifty space for storing a laptop, and there’s a clipboard holder.

In true British fashion, Vauxhall have spent some time perfecting their Vivaro range. It’s no wonder they’re so popular.

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Dart Charge – The New Dartford Crossing Payment System

As of 30th November 2014, the Dartford Crossing toll system will be changing.


The introduction of a new remote paying system known as ‘Dart Charge’ means that drivers will no longer be able to pay the crossing charge at the barriers. Instead, they will either have to pay in advance, or by midnight the following day.

Why is it changing?

The Dartford Crossing currently sees traffic of approximately 50 million vehicles per year (around 136,000 per day!) – a figure much higher than the crossing is designed for. This leads to heavy congestion and slow traffic flow, which the Dart Charge system hopes to change.

How will I pay?

There will be several different methods of payment available, including phone, by post, online, or using a Payzone terminal at one of many retail outlets.

The most cost-effective way to pay will be by using a pre pay account – it can save you up to a third on each crossing! This can be topped up manually, but there is also the option to set up automatic top ups. Any local residents using the crossing will need to register for a pre pay account in order to access the local residents’ discount scheme. You can set up your pre pay account online now at www.gov.uk/dart-charge

Will my journey be affected?

The launch of the remote system will also mean physical changes to the crossing, as toll booths are removed and a new road layout is introduced. Construction work to prepare for these changes should have little impact on your journey and are due to be completed by Spring 2015.

What are the penalties?

If payment has not been made by midnight the day after the crossing was used, a penalty charge of £70 will be enforced. This is reduced to £35 if the payment is made within 14 days.


Do you think that this new remote payment system will ease congestion through the Dartford Crossing? Let us know!